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Physical cash registers are a thing of the past, automated virtual cash registers can reduce the time for knocking out a check and the sales process.

Connect KKM Bukhta to your website or a sales system in a convenience store and automatically make sales, and the system itself will send a check to the client on his phone, so they will not get lost in his bag or pocket.

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A solution for any type of business

Restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, salons, training centers, kindergartens, workshops, kiosks, markets

“The bay helps me to work with the bank and reporting automatically. There is no need to switch between many programs and windows, everything works smoothly together and adds logic to the process of doing business."

Altyn ・ CEO

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Accounting outsourcing

Convenient accounting by a permanent freelance accountant, to whom you can entrust reports, payments, documents. The accountant will submit reports for you to the tax office, tell you how much taxes you need to pay, monitor their payment and distribution, help with the bank and documents.

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"The bay saves us a lot of time and money, and also allows us to work in several markets at once."

Bakdaulet Bekjanov ・ Davai Shodim

We develop endlessly

The business is changing, and the products of the Bay are changing with it. Choosing us, you can be sure that all your documents and cases will meet the modern requirements of legislation and the market.

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We cover all stages of business

We have everything you need - from cash registers to submitting reports. All of this exists within the framework of a single ecosystem of the Bay, in which you can configure the system yourself that will meet your needs.

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