Prices for all types of businesses

The price list has been compiled taking into account the main types of services, if you do not find the parameters of the enterprise suitable for you, please contact us.

Ежемесячное обслуживание

Подписка на услуги Бухты для действующих предприятий в базовой конфигурации.


4 000 000.00 сум


ООО Упрощенка

2 500 000.00 сум



750 000.00 сум


ИП Упрощенка

375 000.00 сум


Кадровый учет

за сотрудника

125 000.00 сум


We can do a lot

In addition to the services specified in the tariffs, we can make custom solutions for large customers.

Связаться с нами

Prepayment or Postpaid?

We work on a prepaid basis. In case of payment for 10 months 2 months you get free. That is, you can buy a subscription for a year for the price of 10 months.

How can I pay?

You can pay through the bank by payment order, by card on the website, in cash in our office.

Can I suspend Cove services?

Unfortunately not, because despite the fact that you will not use the services of the Bay, we will still submit reports, so if you have any difficulties in doing business, we recommend that you suspend your activities.

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